Thursday, November 24, 2011


That God is creative is a fact made indisputable by even the smallest shell in the darkest part of the deepest ocean. Never mind the mysteries of butterfly migration and quantum physics. Humanity is daily buried under a thundering avalanche of beauty, mystery and awe. There can be no argument: God is the original Creator, an artist mad with ideas and boundless energy. We, who are made in His Image, are most fully ourselves when we also create. All of us are spun from His being and glow with the spark of creativity… some of us blaze with it. In other words you don’t have to be an artist to create, just human. However some have been uniquely graced with this aspect of God’s image. Wild with delight and blazing with conviction, artists are often worshipers of the most daring kind. They are ones whose eyes are wide with wonder and the strangeness of it all. Almost painfully aware that every atom, sun-fish, and supernova practically shouts of God, they must invent new languages in a desperate attempt to describe what they see. For not an iota of this wild carnival should go unappreciated. Over familiarity is numb paralysis, and all the saints of God are called to be fiercely alive. We must daily be invigorated by the shock of awe and truth. Artists, prophets and visionaries have a knack for bringing exactly that to the world, and especially to the church. Yet these wild-eyed children of God, have long been orphaned by the family of Christ. -KC Boiler Room