Thursday, April 30, 2009

Progress Update

Here is round two of my current painting. Soon there will be the addition of a load more balloons and some light blue over some of the white and orange in the lower portion of the painting. Getting time to paint has been quite tough lately. So I chip away at it a little at a time. Sometimes, like right now, over my lunch break.
I am working on putting together a show of these types of works in the future. No dates as of yet, but hopefully sooner than later. On a side note, I have come across a large amount of scrap, cabinet grade plywood pieces. Of course I am going to paint on them. You had to ask?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little help

Trying to paint with two little girls sitting in front of your work is rather distracting at times. On the plus side, they are always ready to help me pick colors whenever necessary. This is a new one that I started last weekend. Two pieces. A bit different, yet a bit the same. Still exploring clouds and balloons.

The previous painting is now complete and I will try and have some photos up this weekend.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Funny thing ya know...

how things can change and evolve. This painting is a perfect example. This is the one that I started over with a few weeks ago. Honeslty, I am not sure it is finished yet.I am finding myself attracted-fascinated-interested-obsessed with things that I never thought I would be. Bright color. Yes. Big brush strokes. Yes. Poofy, fluffy clouds. Yes. Balloons. Oh Yes. Color field painters like Rothko and Marden. That is a big honkin' Yes. I must be going through some sort of artist-evolutionary process.

Funny thing is I love it all. I love the big color, the big marks. The simple image of a floating balloon. During a Sunday school class this morning I was talking with a couple of other artists (Mike and Dags) about how I have started creating art that I am happy to create. Art that is created because I want to do it. Even if it is a struggle or a challenge. I made the choice for me. I'm not worried about selling it. I am not necessarily even trying to market it. I've been there and done that. I guess I finally got tired of trying to make art that would satisfy others and my wallet. I know Mike, balance, there is always a balance. I will save that discussion for another day.

So for now its big, bright, fluffy cloud and balloon filled. Why? Because I love it. I am loving the challenge of giving the balloon a chance to float and drift. Just like me.