Sunday, April 5, 2009

Funny thing ya know...

how things can change and evolve. This painting is a perfect example. This is the one that I started over with a few weeks ago. Honeslty, I am not sure it is finished yet.I am finding myself attracted-fascinated-interested-obsessed with things that I never thought I would be. Bright color. Yes. Big brush strokes. Yes. Poofy, fluffy clouds. Yes. Balloons. Oh Yes. Color field painters like Rothko and Marden. That is a big honkin' Yes. I must be going through some sort of artist-evolutionary process.

Funny thing is I love it all. I love the big color, the big marks. The simple image of a floating balloon. During a Sunday school class this morning I was talking with a couple of other artists (Mike and Dags) about how I have started creating art that I am happy to create. Art that is created because I want to do it. Even if it is a struggle or a challenge. I made the choice for me. I'm not worried about selling it. I am not necessarily even trying to market it. I've been there and done that. I guess I finally got tired of trying to make art that would satisfy others and my wallet. I know Mike, balance, there is always a balance. I will save that discussion for another day.

So for now its big, bright, fluffy cloud and balloon filled. Why? Because I love it. I am loving the challenge of giving the balloon a chance to float and drift. Just like me.

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