Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Work Update

Just a little update for my thousands, if not millions of blog readers.
I have been working on a 18"x24" screen print for Hope Chapel in Austin,TX. The design I am working on is based on a previous painting with several changes as well as the addition of text. The poster will be on display along with 9 other artists for the upcoming Easter season. The prints will be a limited edition of 10. The theme for the display is based on the concept of seeds and renewal. I have redrawn the design no less than three times. Finally, I have settled on the one I plan on using. The print will be two or three colors, gold and brown for sure with the possibility of green. I will try and have a photo of the line work up in a few days.

These two photos are from the early stages of a large 4'x6' painting I started yesterday. If you can't tell, its of a bridge stretching across the surface. Lots of symbolism for certain. This is one that I would love to create along with an installation where I could extend the painting onto the walls. Would really love to do that sometime. The only problem is finding a place that would allow me to do that. Any who...cheers and enjoy.

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Woods said...

You never fail to impress me!