Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funny how things...

don't go as planned. The large bridge painting I started a couple of weeks ago is a perfect example. After posting the first images of the work in progress I realized I was not really diggin' it. So I slapped on some fresh cream colored flat house paint and tried it from a slightly different angle. Worked on it for several hours and realized once again...I ain't diggin' this thing.

So this past Saturday I pulled the cardboard off, flipped it over and reattached it to the supports. I moved in a completely different direction. I painted for about 6 hours and after looking at it again yesterday I can say it is a keeper. I will try and have a few photos up by the weekend. Plenty of work still to do, but you will get a feel for the overall composition.

With this painting I did not prime the cardboard, just put the brush to the surface and went at it. Plus I am using these new fancy mat acrylics (actually they are the cheapest I could find...perfect). Quite a change from my ol' tempera paints (which will forever be my favorite), but a necessary change I needed to make. Tempera, well it looks fantastic, but it remains water soluble. So if the painting gets wet the colors will run. The new paints are mat, but not as mat as tempera. They have a slight sheen to them due to the acrylic/latex/polymer that they are made of. As Christy tells me, I just need to get over it and make them work. Love that girl, tells it to me straight...most of the time.

Ordered my paper for my prints since I have to have them in by April 5! Wow, that snuck up on me. Christy placed an order for some flashy blue French cover. Can't wait for it to arrive. Decided to print two colors, gold and brown. On blue this should look pretty sweet.

Until we meet again,
the Student

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