Saturday, August 1, 2009

New work.

I have been working on finishing up a couple of new pieces when the time is available. And there has not been lots of it lately. My brother and I are painting a house for some friends. Big house too. So there goes much of the time that I would typically be using for my own work. But it is good to be working. And the views around the house are jaw dropping. There are times that I just stop and do nothing but stare at the clouds and fields that seem to spread out to eternity.

Thinking through quite a few new ideas for the show in October. From here on out all photos that I post will be in black and white. Don't want to give too much away before the show. Keep everyone on their toes.

Starting next Saturday I plan on posting photos once a week with new photos of work and sketches for the October show.

For now though, I am getting ready to head off to St. Louis for the Cards-Astros game. Then on Sunday we are heading north to U.P. of Michigan to visit some friends for the week. Lots of windshield time this week! 12+ hour car ride with the family. Please pray for my sanity, humility and patience. God help us all!


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