Friday, October 29, 2010

Update 10.29.10

Work has been progressing on many of the current pieces I have been working on. I have had to slow down on some wood stuff to work on stone carving for my sculpture class. Very close to being finished with it. Now it is on to fine sanding and constructing an appropriate base to support it. Most likely I will be using a salvaged beam from a barn a friend of mine is taking down.

Just finished sculpting a replica of a human heart. This one is considerably bigger than the real thing. Thankfully it made it through the firing process without any problems. All of the clay I am currently using is recycled from discarded projects so there is always that chance for trouble with impurities and air pockets. Using the recycled clay fits in perfectly with my focus on not purchasing material to create stuff.

Last night during class I was able to work for about four hours on the pillow that goes along with the heart and suitcases. Very pleased with how it is coming together. Still plenty to do, but progress is being made.

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