Monday, September 26, 2011

Still Plugging Away

This semester I am enrolled in a sculpture class at WIU. Duke Oursler is the new sculpture professor that replaced Don Crouch who retired after 40+ years of service. Duke has been very supportive of my use of reclaimed materials and has encouraged me to continue on in the direction I have been working. I have been forging ahead trying to finish up a new piece utilizing lumber and clay. It is in the final stages and will be completed by this Thursday...since it has to be ready for a critique that evening! I should have some photos up towards the end of the week. Lots of new ideas/concepts too!

Reflecting as I work.
Spent the day working in the shop on some additional elements for a piece I am working on. The big difference today was the fact that I did not use my air nailer today. Instead I used a hammer and nails. Used nails as a matter of fact. As most of you know I am really into using a material more than one time. Giving it a life outside the landfill. Anyway the nails that I have been using are typically bent and require a few gentle taps of the hammer to make the worthy of being useful again. Just to be clear this is a slow process, a painfully slow one for sure. All the while I could not help but think of life and people as I was slowly constructing these new element. As I have mentioned before art and life collide for me in the work I create. Today was no different. Working with imperfect materials and realizing my own limitations and patience, or at times a lack there of, I could not help but think of the relationships with my friends and family. How at times we are all like the bent nail. Sometimes we just need someone to slow down and take time for us. Sometimes, often times we need someone to gently encourage or support or correct us so that the bent and often times crazy path we are on can be realigned and therefor helping us find our way.

As always thanks for looking and tell a friend.

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