Monday, October 10, 2011

A little background

Through conversations with individuals looking at my recent work I have come to realize something that had not been on my radar. Most people, with the exception of those who have seen my work before, do not realize that almost every part of the sculptures I create are made of wood and ceramic. Re-claimed wood and ceramic for that matter. Art patrons often times overlook pieces I have created because they are common, everyday types of items and the thought is that I have gone the route of taking the real item and painting it.

This in some ways is a compliment I suppose because it means that I have made the piece convincing enough to resemble the item I drew inspiration from. On the other hand, the piece can easily be dismissed as a sculpture all together and seen as a just another assemblage of everyday items that have been painted and pieced together.

Case in point. I had a few pieces in a show last spring and one of the gallery assistants tried to push the wooden cart with wooden suitcases stacked on it. Not a good idea. Although they look functional, they are not. The end result was me having to take the rear wheel assembly apart for reconstruction.

The piece I just completed and posted photos of in the previous post on this page could easily be viewed the same way. Everything is wood and ceramic with the exception of the phone cords (purchased used) and the re-claimed light fixture. The hand cart, milk crates, phone, handsets and pulleys are all made of reclaimed wood. The pillow is made of reclaimed clay.

Although I feel this is a terrible hardship I must deal with and the ongoing psychological trauma I am sure to endure will result in many more trips to the therapist and countless hours of counseling, plus...Plus nothing. I have to admit it is really cool to see the face of someone who just made the connection or was told the piece is not really the actual item. Then to talk about its meaning or significance, well that is what its all about. Oh the hardships. How will I endure?

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