Friday, March 30, 2012

Wow! That was a quick trip!

Just got back from the Omaha area this afternoon. I left yesterday around 8am and was back in Rushville by 4pm. The point...oh yes the point, the reason why I went... My good, good friend Mike invited me to come out and speak with one of the classes he teaches at Nebraska Christian College. The class, Interpreting Contemporary Culture was a fantastic group to dialog with. We talked and chewed on a variety of thoughts and questions related to the role of visual arts in our world today. I certainly could get used to working with students at the university level...

And now, (pause) in closing (pause and deep sigh) I would like to thank everyone who made this possible...sorry, I found this little last bit amusing as I was collecting my thoughts. Maybe I'm still in bit of a driving coma.

Thanks again you guys. I really had a great time. Who knows, maybe a piece of sculpture will end up on the campus of NCC some day.

Here are a few links to check out if you want to dig a bit deeper.

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