Wednesday, October 21, 2009

where I'm at

I have had some time to slow down a bit and process some of my current ideas. Still planning on doing some prints...sometime. Just a heads up, my paintings are moving a bit more abstract. I have been trying for so long to paint and create art that has a least some form of realism in it...that is changing. When I slow down and start to really think about the art I want to create, well its not realistic. I'm having a difficult time with this. Difficult in the sense that I never really envisioned myself as "one of those types". See, abstract, especially non-objective art is often times viewed as well, not art. Often times when people are unable to see something from reality or at the very least something somewhat recognizable in a piece of art they dismiss it. It is the dismissing part that makes it difficult. Personally, I don't want my work to be viewed this way. I suppose that is the feeling of most artist who put a tremendous amount of time and energy into their work

Over the years I have become quite fond of art that is uncomplicated and uncluttered. Art that is void of useless and pointless stuff that is totally unnecessary. It's kind of like seeing a photo of say a light bulb resting on a table, shot in black and white with just the right amount of doesn't need anything else, it just works. Maybe its my age, maybe maturity (not likely), experience or quite possibly it something that has always been there and I am finally allowing myself to be "one of those types". Either way, it is freeing and extremely powerful...all at the same. I'm curious to see what happens.

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