Saturday, January 8, 2011

I make all things new

In regards to using recyled/reclaimed materials let me make this clear, when it comes to art materials I'm cheap. A cheapskate plain and simple. I love the challenge of making something out of a material that has seemingly lost its purpose or need. On the upside, this type of material is either quite inexpensive or all together free. Am I concerned with the environment? Yes. Am I concerned with an over abundance of stuff? Mass-over production and mass-over consumption? Yes,and yes. These are a few of the factors/concerns/issues that keep me coming back to the materials I choose to use.
On the other hand there is a deeper, more soul-like connection with this type of material. The fact that the materials mimic life is beautiful to me. You see, I'm that guy that pulls for the underdog. The things that others look past, the things that so often don't fit the standard mold of perfection. That is what I am drawn to. Finding a use, a purpose, a reason for existence for the cast off piece of lumber or dried out clay is deeply connected to who I am. Because for the most part we are all like this at some point in our lives. Seen as useless or not seen at all. Not valued or seen as having little purpose. Jesus is the model for this way of thinking and He is the reason I have come to see the art work I create in this way. He found purpose and meaning, especially in those that did not fit the worlds mold. He is able to make all things new. We are only alive because the creator of the universe has allowed us to be. If we are still here, we have a purpose. I suppose I take the same approach with cast off materials; even though our world sees them as unimportant or useless, I notice them. They exist and I see a use for them. I see the material not for what it was, but for what it will become. It still has worth and a purpose yet to be discovered. In a sense, it too is made new.

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