Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Co-op Meeting

Well, the first co-op meeting has come and gone. I had said in my mind, if I can get at least five people to sign on I will make a go of it. As of right now, we have seven. Pretty cool huh? And I just got a phone call this evening about another interested artist.

So far the co-op's members are Jeff Ackman-drawing and stencil design, Erin Eveland-oils and watercolor, Dags Grossman-oils, Mike Cahill-photography, Kenneth Cox-mixed media, Lynn Trone-drawing and myself-tempera and screen printing.

Another meeting will take place in a couple of weeks and we have already begun planning our first show for the first week of December. This show will be a group show that will feature work from all of the founding members. I will keep you posted!

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