Friday, October 10, 2008

Local Connection - An Artists' Co-op

Well, the letters have been mailed out concerning the creation of an artists' co-op here in Rushville. Here are my thoughts on what this co-op will look like. It is pretty straight forward and requires only a small time and financial commitment. Honestly, the idea of an all in one day show, reception and closing is not original to me. A recent trend with artists (especially ones who do not want to pay for gallery space) has been to re purpose their living spaces for gallery space. The idea of an artist moving all of their furniture and other items out of their apartment and using it for a gallery for an evening is a very cool idea. Wise use of resources. So here it is.

Local Connection - An Artist’s Co-op

-To foster professional, emerging and young artists by providing a space for them to show their work and gain recognition.
-To allow the public to see that the arts are alive in our community and surrounding areas.
-To encourage and support one another in the arts.
-To provide an environment where artists are able to network with other artists as well as patrons of the arts.
-To serve as an information, promotion and education resource for the visual arts and craft community.

Opportunities for Artists:
-Each artist will have the opportunity to be involved in group and individual shows.
-A web presence allowing the work of the co-op’s members to be viewed at any time.
-An opportunity to connect with prospective buyers.
-Demonstrations and Workshops.

-The co-op will sponsor a show/exhibit approximately every six weeks -opening, reception and closing all in one night.
-Each show/exhibit will feature one or two members of the co-op.
-Membership fee of $50 annually to cover costs of artists’ shows including refreshments, advertisement etc.
-All members would be invited to participate in an annual group show to be held either in the spring or fall. This show would include live music as well.

Sale of Art work:
-All sales would take place directly between the artist and the buyer. Any sales resulting from artwork displayed at a show would require the artist pay a 20% commission fee to the co-op.
-All commission fees would go directly back into the co-op to be used for co-op related expenses - i.e advertisement, food and beverage for shows, live music at the annual group show, rental space.

Submissions for Membership:
-A prospective member will submit 8-10 works via a portfolio, slides, or other samples of his/her work being approved for membership. Digital format is also acceptable. This could include images on CD or DVD. All work is juried by the current members of the co-op.

Duties of the Co-op’s Members:
-Participation in set up/take down and operation of shows.
-Being a voice for the arts within your community.
-Help with placement of advertisements - posters and in local news publications.
-Attendance and participation in monthly co-op meeting.
This outline along with a letter of invitation to an informational meeting was mailed out to 10 individuals in the Rushville area. I should know by the end of the meeting on the 21 of this month whether or not this co-op is going to take flight or quickly become grounded. I will keep you posted.

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