Sunday, June 21, 2009

Launch took place.

Yesterday evening we launched Ella's house from our street. I still have video to upload but here is a shot of the girls making their cardboard houses. I suppose I should fill in some gaps here. Last week we went to see the new Pixar film UP. If you are not familiar with the movie it is about an elderly man who is a balloon saleman. He basically gets fed up with the world and decides to fill up hundreds of balloons with helium and lift his house like a hot air balloon. There is much more to the story but that will get you started.

Sooooooooo, the girls and I decided to make small houses made from cereal boxes and then attach balloons to them and let them go. I probably enjoyed as much if not more than they did. Ella's went off without a hitch, Paige's on the other hand...blown into a tree. We made a new one and launched it a day later. We also put a little note inside to anyone who might find them. All we know is that they were last seen floating east out of Rushville. So there you go.

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