Monday, June 15, 2009

Project Deuce

This is number two of the big projects to mark off my summer to-do list. I started building this computer table back in Feb. and have not done much with it since. Well...we finally moved our youngest daughter upstairs with her big sister and so bugun the process of turning her former bedroom into my wifes studio/workspace/office/i now have two doors to shut and can hide out/studio.

I spent many an hour repairing the cracked and damaged plaster walls, then we painted over the former pale green with a cool grey. Very nice indeed. I just wish it was me moving my painting stuff in instead of Christy and all of her fabrics.

Anyway, the table is made from 100% recyled lumber. The top is made of plywood and hardwood scraps that I saved from the dumpster at the high school which I work. The base is made from reclaimed 5 and a quarter tongue and groove pine flooring. I am in the process of waxing the top and shelves with beeswax and the base will be painted in the near future. Any suggestions on color?



Woods said...

I absolutely love this!

J. Ackman said...

Me too! Any thoughts on color? If you dig this stuff you need to check out the site

Sweet furniture indeed.

Christy said...

What do you mean? You have a perfectly lovely "studio space" in the dungeon!lol