Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Project...

As always I have to be doing something. That something typically includes some sort of hands on activity and usually power tools. Being off from school for quite a while and not really in the mood to work on a painting I decided to make your average run of the mill plywood toboggan. I decided I wanted to make a toboggan after I spent an hour after school last week hauling my girls around the neighborhood in a sled that they have outgrown. We defenitely needed something longer that they could sit comfortably on. So I started off where any person would...Google. I found some ideas online and figured out what I wanted to do. So yesterday I spent a couple of hours getting most of the parts cut and assembled and today I spent a good four more hours attaching the "skin" to the bottom and top. Tomorrow I will remove the tempoary supports from the front, sand the entire thing and then finish it off with some oil based paint (whatever color I have on hand, not pink or purple). I have learned a few things that I will do differently with the next one. Anywho, I am sure the girls will enjoy it and yes, we are expecting more snow on Wednesday! Hopefully the paint will be dry by then.

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