Saturday, December 5, 2009

Work from Friday Nights Group Show

Last night, December 4, Local Connection Artist Co-op hosted its 2nd annual group exhibit and sale. I displayed these four new, and considerably smaller mixed media works. Each one of these was created on old hardbound book covers with screen printing, spray paint, acrylic and pen. Each one was then mounted on a quarter inch sheet of luan panel and framed in painted pine. 99.9% recycled baby! Gotta love that. Unfortunately these did not sell but they will soon be listed on my etsy site if you are interested in purchasing one...or two...or...

The show was a huge success. We had a packed room most of the evening. Good food, great atmosphere. People just out for the evening to look at some fantastic art, enjoy good food and conversation. In my book, that is a fun night. Tiring but worth it. Cheers.

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