Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Paintings

These three paintings were completed over the last few weeks. They were on display at the show last week. If you were not there, well here is your chance to see them. By the way, did I tell you how fantastic the show was? Anyway....

The first one, Gossip, is tempera on cardboard and measures 24"x50" It pretty much approaches the idea of gossip from the standpoint of birds. Pretty straight forward, the only thing that might not be so obvious is the fact that all the birds have their backs to the viewer. Much like gossip, these five birds are discussing something with the intent of shielding their conversation from others, specifically those being gossiped about.

The second, What is Peace?, is tempera on cardboard and measures 50"x30". At first glance one might think this is some sort of political statement or a form of propaganda. That is really just the bait. Often times when discussing war, specifically the war in Iraq, I have noticed that many people feel that if we can achieve peace - the idea of no more violence - things will take care of themselves and we Americans can go back to our normal lives. Then I started to think about the question, "What is Peace?" and "What is a normal life?" Seriously what does that mean, specifically to the Christian?

Peace is not found with the absence of violence or war. Peace is not the result of winning or overthrowing a government. As a Christian, peace is found in Christ. The world is constantly turned upside down. Conflict, war, death and destruction are part of our lives. Not that I enjoy that but, those things are here and don't seem to be subsiding very soon.

So where do we find peace? There is peace knowing that Jesus Christ is in charge and I am not. There is peace knowing the picture is far more broad than my own little slice of the universe. Despite what is going on in the world, there is peace knowing that our lives will not always be like this.

And finally, this last one is tempera on cardboard and measures 30"x50. This is a self-portrait. The explanation is not that complicated but, I want to think about the best way to describe it to you. I will come back, maybe tomorrow, and try and do that. Enjoy.

Let me know what you think, I am always curious to know what others are taking away and adding to my works.

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