Monday, April 7, 2008

What A Great Night!

Well the show has come and gone. It seemed like it was never going to get here and as I settled down afterwards on Saturday night I could hardly believe it was over.

Anyway, the show was fantastic! We had over 75 people sign our guest book and there were plenty more that didn't. The atmosphere was perfect. A little bit of music, some good food and plenty of conversation. Of course there are always things you wish you would have planned a bit better, but so it goes. My oldest daughter Ella was pretty excited to see some of her paintings displayed as well. Just like her ol' dad, she paints with tempera on cardboard...what can I say.

There were plenty of opportunities to talk with people one on one. That is what we had hoped for. I had the chance to explain the process for many of my paintings. The reason or purpose behind them became even more evident as the conversations developed. And of course the viewer always brings something unexpected to the work. Views, thoughts or ideas that I had maybe not even considered.

It was very encouraging to say the least. It just reinforced the fact that we are doing the right thing. That God is opening doors just as quickly as he closes others. That is beyond words.

There are quite a few people who helped out and made the show possible. I am not going to give an Oscar speech here but I do want to recognize them. Here they are:
Christy, Amy, Claire, Erik, Gail and Hallie and of course my brothers, Jeff and Joe. I am sure there are others, please forgive me for not mentioning them. Thanks does not do really express how greatful I am. Without these folks, just would not have worked as well as it did. I am very greatful for their help.

Plans are already underway for another show this summer. Crazy huh?

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Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL SHOW!! We are so proud of all 3 of our sons. We Love You, Mom and Dad