Monday, March 24, 2008

How do people see me?

Have you ever thought much about this question? Not just how people view our appearance but, how people see me beyond the surface. How do my core values and beliefs come across to others? Am I living the life I say I live? Am I the man I say and think I am? Often times I really begin to question myself in these ways. I suppose it's during these times of introspection that we start to scrape away the surface and get to the parts of our lives that give us meaning and purpose. Its in these inner layers that we find out who we really are.

Soooooooo???? You might be wondering what this has to do with anything...well it does. Here goes. I ask myself this question to keep myself in check. The art I am creating right now asks some tough questions. These questions are not just aimed at the viewer but, right back at me as well. Can I answer them? Of course I can't answer all of them but I try to at least address them. If I didn't what would be the purpose? Why would I even be asking them?

More importantly how do people view me through the questions my art works ask? I can't say for sure. I suppose that I hope they will begin to see a genuine person who doesn't have it all figured out. A person who is willing to become a bit vulnerable. A person who is willing to ask questions or entertain ideas that are not part of our everyday dialog. A person who is willing to ask the question and not have the answer.

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