Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh, forgot to add this one too.

This painting is of my girls. 48"w x 30"h. A combination of acrylic house paint (bought at half price at Kerr Hardware) and tempera on luan panel. Funny think about Kerrs, the basement is loaded with gallon after gallon of mis-mixed paint. I mean loads of paint in a variety of colors and finishes. I was just down there a few weeks ago looking for a neutral color to paint the stairway to my basement. I was like a kid looking at the JC Penny's catalog at Christmas. I am sure my eyes were glazed over and a bit of drool was pooling at the corner of my mouth when I finally decided to come up for air with a tolerable my wife would give me the okay on of course.

Anyway, this is one of those paintings I had been wanting to do. Art for arts sake. The dandilioin puff (clock) with its floating seeds is very symbolic though. In the warmer months when the whole family is out for a walk my oldest daughter Ella has this uncontrollable urge to try and pick every dandilion puff she sees. Then she proceedes to blow on it and say that they are wishes floating in the air. I think my wife had something to do with that.

And for those of you who know my girls, Ella loves ballet and being a princess. Paige on the other hand likes to dance as well, but likes to push the limits even more. This is a typical expression found on her face when she gets serious. Not really too serious since Christy and I both laugh our heads off when she makes this face.

Yellow? Well yellow just works. And I really did not want to use Ella's an purple. Go figure.

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