Saturday, March 15, 2008

Two new paintings

Both of these works are as you guessed it...tempera on cardboard. Plus a bit of acrylic and some marker.

The two hands (ripped off of Michelangelo) represent how often times homeless people are viewed as less valuable, less important by our society. The idea is that, just like in Michelangelo's Creation of Man, God is reaching out to us. Reaching out regardless of our current place in society. I believe there is still more to come with this painting. I would certainly not call it finished quite yet.

The second one is pretty much a look at myself. Often times our gifts and of course our hearts become closed off by money. I will tell you more later. Right now I'm pretty tired and can't quite produce the words that would best describe this.

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Ellen said...

These are both very powerful pieces. I especially love what you did with the hands. When I see these hands, I think "we are this close" and "we are this far apart." Your approach in this piece says so very much. I hope to see any changes you might make to the second one.....I'll be checking back!

PS: I would love to have a copy of your exhibit poster. Let me know if it's ok to email you on the side w/my address.

Blessings for your week,