Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thinking out loud...

In the movie Martian Child, a young boy named Dennis asks his potential adoptive father David this question, "Is it good to be like everyone else? " David replies, "That's a very good question." It certainly is a good question and one that I have asked myself many times. Some would say, yes to an extent and I would have to agree in part. Of course there are things such as social norms and the like that we all can relate to and typically adhere to but, in the end I find myself sitting in the boat that is sailing a slightly different direction as everyone else.

As an artist I am constantly looking at other artists work. Constantly seeking inspiration and purpose from work created by others...and of course comparing how well my work holds up with theirs. Am I not confident enough to be happy and content with my own creations? At times, more so than others, but not all of the time. Of course the macho manly answer would be to say that others have no impact on how I work...if they don't like it, well I could really care less.

I wish it were that simple. I'm human, of course what others think and say has an impact on my work. I want people to like it. To say otherwise would be untrue. That does not mean that I am not confident in what I do, it means that I have a heart. It means that I desire to connect with people through the messages and questions in the art I create. And I suppose at times that connection can still be made even if the work is not well received. So in the end, does it matter what others think of my work? Not really, but it sure is nice when they do.

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